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Planned Settlement Development


Introduction of Ajirkot Awas

The proposed Ajirkot Awas is a planned neighborhood beautifully set in the Ajirkot Rural Municipality of Gorkha district. The location is situated on a ridge between Chepe River and Daraudi with a clear view of the Himalayan mountain range to the north. Pokhara and the Annapurna range lies to the west and northwest. Kathmandu is to the east. Chitwan National Park is to the south. The Manaslu Conservation Area is to the north.

The Ajirkot Awas plan includes up to 75 homes clustered around community gardens, community center, conference center, and open space. Houses use modern earthquake resistant construction while preserving the cultural uniqueness of traditional buildings from the region. The houses have all the amenities needed for comfortable modern living.

There are 2 flexible floor plans offering 2 or 3 bedrooms and 1-½ bathrooms on 2 levels. Emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly construction technology using clean and alternative energy. House design takes advantage of solar water heating, rainwater harvesting, cross ventilation in summer, and thermal heating in winter. Local skills and resources are used to promote cultural and economic interdependence. In this way we retain the flavor of the area without compromising the basic facilities and infrastructures needed for relaxed and upscale living.

Individual property owners have the option of renting their property or living year round. Ajirkot Awas management provides peace of mind that property is well maintained and occupied by quality renters thus giving investment safeguard. Ajirkot Awas promotes the idea of community tourism. Owners have the satisfaction of contributing to a thriving local economy. The area provides an uncrowned Nepal experience off the beaten path with the beautiful scenery and cultural diversity of Nepal.


The Ajirkot Awas site is located in Ward No: 3, Ajirkot Rural Municipality, Gorkha, 3 Km from Bhachyack, the headquarter of Ajirkot Rural Municipality. It is easily accessible by earthen road (about 55 km) from Gorkha district headquarter and the road is being upgraded to black top. The project is in the northernmost municipalities on the south face of the Himalayas. The area intersects the mid hills and highland areas where cooperative development models have been successfully practiced for two decades. There are pooled funds in the communities available for public and private ventures of local people. There is a population prepared for planned cooperative development.

Expected Output

  • Geo Technical Report
  • Engineering Survey Report
  • Electrical Report
  • Detailed Master Plan
  • 3d images and animation
  • Tentative cost estimate